Ground Handling

Service excellence in Ground Handling in Paraguay and Mercosur

Remote assistance, Coordination of flights

Ground Handling - Safety and Passenger Aircraft


Handling heavy and oversized cargo


Supply of fuel at all airports worldwide.

Trip planning & International Flight Support


Nobody knows Latin America like us. Did we say Latin America? We do not want to impress you too soon. As members of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) located in Washington, in Royal FBO Service we are ready to meet needs regarding private, executives and corporate flights anywhere in the world with a set of complete solutions for all

Royal FBO Service understands that the trip support is not limited to e-mail confirmations, and expect everything to occur as planned, and then attempt to solve the situation over spilt milk. Therefore we act preventively, but also we give an active response if the scenario requires it.


Trip Support

Fuel- Trip Support
Through Royal Energy, ne have the capacity to provide fuel in any airport around the world at great rates, the payment method of your choose prepaid or credit. Please contact as and will help you with your requirement.


Flight Planning
We manage our own operation software that provides a very accurate and simple to interpret flight package. You will be able you to fly safely anywhere with detailed and updated information on weather and airport data.

Let us know your destination and our team will give you your flight plan in all in a matter of a few minutes.


While you or a manager of the company is flying, you might wonder  if everything in order down there? Stop worrying. Royal FBO Service will provide first level service regardless of whether your destination is a rural or congested airport. There will always be a team waiting for you and your passengers. In addition, our operations center will monitor your flight in real time; we will contact you before and after your departure and arrival to make sure everything goes as scheduled.


Private or corporate flights are usually the ones that require overflights and landings permits urgently. We can process their permits and authorizations at every airport.


Aeropuerto Internacional Guarani. (AGT - SGES)
Aeropuerto Internacional Guarani.
Aeroporto Internacional de Sao Paulo-Guarulhos (GRU - SBGR)
Aeroporto Internacional de Sao Paulo-Guarulhos
Aeropuerto Internacional Viru Viru (VVI - SLVR)
Aeropuerto Internacional Viru Viru
Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen (PTY - MPTO)
Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen
Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco (MVD - SUMU)
Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco
Aeropuerto Internacional de El Alto (LPB - SLLP)
Aeropuerto Internacional El Alto
Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Wilstermann (CBB - SLCB)
Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Wilstermann
Aeropuerto Silvio Pettirossi
  Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, Asuncion (ASU - SGAS)
Guarani International Guaraní, Ciudad del Este (AGT - SGES)

Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU – SBGR)


Viru Viru International Airport, Santa Cruz (CCI – SLVR)
El Alto International Airport, La Paz (LPB – SLLP)
Jorge Wilstermann International Airport, Cochabamba (CBB – SLCB)


Tocumen International Airport, Panama City (PTY – MPTO)


Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo (MVD – SUMU)